About Heidi

About Heidi Wells, EFT Practitioner, Emotional Wellbeing Coach and Intuitive Consultant, Twickenham, London 020 8894 7343 or 0771 4257461

Hi I’m Heidi

I’m an EFT Practitioner, Emotional Wellbeing Coach and Intuitive Consultant.

I work with women over 40, helping them say goodbye to stress, self-doubt, emotional eating and unhealthy relationships.

EFT is a truly life-changing technique giving quick and permanent results. I’m still amazed by the results my clients achieve by finally releasing limiting beliefs, unhealthy patterns, trauma and pain.

I have blessed to have helped 100’s of women over the years and having recognised the need delve deeper to get real lasting change EFT is the solution and I absolutely love it.

My Story

I first discovered EFT and it truly changed my life….

I was involved in a major car accident at the age of 21. It was a head on collision at over 70 mph and I was trapped in a burning, crushed up car. I had put my hand through the windscreen and luckily I was wearing rings or I would have lost them. When I finally managed to get out of the car, something inside me said ‘don’t pass out, you must stay awake’ and I fought as hard as I could to remain conscious. I remember the fire engines and ambulances and was taken to hospital where they patched up my fingers and put me in a white collar for the whiplash I received. Physically I was very very lucky, as was friend who was driving. Healing took a while, glass came out of my hands for months, even years after the event. Emotionally I was spent, anxiety took hold, I couldn’t go in a car at all. I tried to drive my car and had my first major panic attack, I couldn’t breathe I thought I was dying. Wow, did my life change that night. I was happy-go-lucky and suddenly I didn’t recognise myself. I saw Doctors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, lots of them and nothing worked. I still felt the same, this lead to depression. Amazingly, as I am writing this I feel no emotional charge (thank God / EFT). I was on all sorts of drugs, valium, anti-depressants, sleeping pills. I blanked out 6 months in my diary as I couldn’t remember any of that time. My mental issues got so bad that I was booked in for Electric Shock Treatment. A few weeks before I was due to go into hospital I started reading up on depression, anxiety, panic attacks and I came off all the drugs on my own. I vowed never again would I take that stuff. I convinced everyone I was OK, there was no way I was going to have electric shock treatment (I have watched ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’!). So I carried on my life with trauma, I shut it down and suffered from anxiety for the next 20 odd years. In 2007 I had heard about EFT, I can’t even remember how I first came to hear about it. I went on a training course with Judy Byrne an amazing lady and one of the first to train with Gary Craig which is where EFT started. During the practitioner training I was the guinea pig, sitting in front of the class (I am quite shy when it comes to big groups of people) but I was determined to rid myself of the emotional trauma of the accident. WOW, after working in front of the class, tapping through all the layers of trauma, many tears and tissues. THE TRAUMA AND EMOTIONAL CHARGE HAD COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! If if think about the accident I can still see it my mind, every second of it – but I have no emotional charge whatsoevery. I don’t feel sick, unable to breathe. If only I had found EFT earlier it would have saved me over 20 years of anguish, anxiety, stress and sadness.

I have continued to use this amazingly powerful technique with many aspects of my own life and with my clients and find it really does help with everything!

If you would like to schedule an appointment with me call: 020 8894 7343,  0771 425746 or drop me an email through the contact page.

Intuitive Consultant at – www.yourpsychiccoach.com

Heidi Wells EFT Practitioner, Wellbeing Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Twickenham, London Call: 020 8894 7343 or 0771 4257461